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Topic 21 Climate Change

We criticise the IPCC's manta that all warming is manmade and the routine but false connections made between climate change and almost any disaster - e.g. extreme events and the death of reefs


  1. Study the Science before accepting the Green Dictatorsip - Letter in Local Transport Today.  This letteris  takes data from the very much more extensive set at item 2 belows.  By chance the letter appears on the same page as letter by John Helm criticising one of ours to do with rail.  Our response to John Helm, currently unpublished, is available here.  Its title is Fatal to Credibility.  It is currently top of the list but will not remain there because we add to that list continuously).
  2. The 2020 paper Climate change, how much is man-made
  3. The 2006 paper

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